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February the 6th, 2020 marked 44 years of unjust imprisonment for Leonard Peltier. We want to remember his story once again. Maybe some people already know it, but for those who still do not know it, we want you to discover this shame. And let’s pay him homage.

Thanks Leonard to resist. “I’ll fight a little longer … forever” (Leonard Peltier)

On February the 6th, 1976, Leonard Peltier, a Native American activist for the rights of his people with the American Indian Movement, entered the jail on charges of participating in the killing of two FBI agents. After a trial in which irregularities and discrimination were on the agenda, he was convicted by a jury made up of whites alone, in Fargo, a city known for anti-Indian sentiments, and by a judge known for his racism. Discordant testimonies were used. He was always denied the review of the trial, despite the fact that new testimonies and evidence exonerated him.

Today, after forty-four years of hard prison and long periods of isolation, Leonard Peltier continues to suffer the injustice of being denied his freedom because of his being a native American, of having fought for the rights of the people to which he belongs, of not having renounced his struggles. A proud people who has been massacred, brutalized, humiliated and reduced by the “progress” brought by the “whites” and their capitalist society to survive in the absence of rights and without a future worthy of its name. Leonard Peltier is the symbol of discrimination and racism that are still characteristics rooted in the US society. This proves that human rights are not respected in that country, which is also considered an example of democracy and Western civilization and wants to impose its model on the whole world.

The injustice suffered by Leonard Peltier is the product of a mentality that is typical of those who think to be “masters of the world”, of that cruel superiority that leads the United States (and its vassals) to “exporting democracy” with imperial wars that serve to subjugate those who do not follow their model and create millions of deaths.

Leonard Peltier today is a man of almost 76 years who has lived in prison for 44 years, because he was born in the wrong part of the world and because of his courage to fight for the redemption of his people. This is his real fault. And that’s why every sincere democrat should raise his voice and ask, or even demand, his immediate release. The democrats must claim it by breaking down the wall of indifference, the wall of silence that surrounds his history in order to not lose the residue of humanity and justice that still exists and for which it is always necessary to fight.

Leonard Peltier was not weakened by that frightening power that stole his freedom because he wanted to live head-on. Leonard Peltier has remained a free man because he’s never been bent and, even if they have tried in every way to humiliate him, he has maintained the ideals of his youth. He’s a free man because he still has the invincible will to fight for the rights of his people in spite of all that he had to suffer and still suffers. He is a free man because he has never been defeated.

Leonard Peltier has always lived with dignity and without submitting to  those who wanted him anihilated. He’s the living example that we must  never give up unjustice. We can’t remain indifferent in front of his  struggle. And precisely because they have tried to erase his  intelligence and his integrity by stealing his freedom, we must cling to  his side and shout loudly “FreeLeonardPeltier”.

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Incident at Oglala (1992)


This film describes the events surrounding a 1975 shootout at the Pine Ridge reservation in S. Dakota where two FBI agents were killed


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1435665549?profile=RESIZE_710x Leornard was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the eleventh of thirteen children, to Leo Peltier and Alvina Robideau. His father was three-quarters Chippewa and one-quarter French, and his mother was Lakota Sioux on her mother's side and Chippewa on her father's.This Sept 12,Leonard will be 72.It has been 40 years of injustice.He does not go up for his next parole hearing till July 2024.That is another 8 years.Though for decades, thousands & thousands have wept for his release.The U.S. illegally extradited him out of Canada & then tried & convicted by a non native jury FBI show trial.In 2005 he was serving time in Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas On Tuesday July 5, 2005 his grandson went to visit him and found out that he had been abruptly transferred and put in the hole, or solitary confinement, at the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute,Indiana. 
In a February 27, 2006, decision, U.S. District Judge William Skretny ruled that the FBI did not have to release five of 812 documents relating to Peltier and held at their Buffalo field office
Peltier's defense team,said "these were pages we are most intrigued about revolved around a teletype from Buffalo ... a three-page document that seems to indicate that a confidential source was being advised by the FBI not to engage in conduct that would compromise attorney-client privilege." Peltier's supporters have tried to obtain more than 100,000 pages of documents from FBI field offices, claiming that the files should have been turned over at the time of his trial or following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed soon after.
In 2007, billionaire David Geffen, a Peltier supporter, shifted his financial support from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign to that of Barack Obama. Geffen said he switched his support because he was disillusioned by Bill Clinton's refusal to pardon Peltier, although he had pardoned Marc Rich(In 1983 Rich and partner Pincus Green were indicted on 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo (at a time when Iranian revolutionaries were still holding American citizens hostage)
On January 13, 2009, Peltier was severely beaten by fellow inmates at the United States Penitentiary, Canaan, where he had been transferred from USP Lewisburg.He was sent back to Lewisburg, where he remained until the fall of 2011 when he was transferred to a federal penitentiary in Florida. Today Leonard Peltier is housed at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, Florida.
After 4 prior transfers since Terre Haute,,on September 14, 2011 according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Leonard Peltier has been moved from Oklahoma City to the U.S. Penitentiary at Coleman, Florida(The exact timing of his transfer is not known because federal prisoners are moved under secrecy for security reasons.The day before was Peltier's 67th birthday
The United States Penitentiary I in Coleman is a high security facility located in central Florida approximately 50 miles northwest of Orlando, 60 miles northeast of Tampa, and 35 miles south of Ocala
P.O. BOX 1033


This is nearly 2,000 miles from Leonard's Nation, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, in North Dakota! 
Please write or send a card let him know he is not forgotten
After 6 years of appeals concern the case in 2006 On July 20, 2012, a federal judge refused a request by Kuzma to review more than 900 pages of FBI documents related to Frank Blackhorse, who was among the approximately 24 AIM members or supporters the FBI identified as having participated in the fatal shootout on June 26, 1975. Blackhorse was arrested with Peltier but faced no extradition effort

Leonard remains locked down at a max prison At age 74 & failing health Though other men his age & health problems are in medium prisons with better health care,Leonard is not due to FBI controls Fed prison system As Leonard has said 

Leonard will not again go up for parole until 2024 at the age of 80

The Death ????

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Every form of refuge has a price


I got this line from an Eagles song called Lying Eyes and it is so very true.

I think it is true for all of us, it is interesting to see that many rich people are never really happy, their own acquistions are really just millstones around their necks.

For the Indian, they may not have many possessions, but then that is not the point, that isn't their culture, they are only caretakers of things whether that is the land or things they use.

The continent of America seems divided into those who are either in the consumer society or outside of it. It is the consumer society that uses so much of the resources of this planet. This has to change.

WHen it comes to the Tribes, people outside of them don't appreciate that for the Indian, money is of little value, it can't buy things that really matter - one saying is that after you have caught the last Fish you caon't eat money.

The values people put on things who are in the Tribes and outside (to a large extent) are different, because they live in difffent worlds on the same piece of land.

Technology and the consumer ideal have created their own problems, creating a need culture that doesen't really exist with the result people's lives are cluttered and their possessions ultimately weigh them down.

They are often buredened with the maintenance and the keeping of things like Boats, Houses etc. and in the end their enjoyment of these things fades and the burden of ownership is upon them.

The answer is to simplify our lives and to take a leaf from the Indian's book. 

They exist in a spiritual world, not a material one.



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I came across a book the other day I had in my bag for work and it was quite interesting to see how the Lakota people look at their spiritualism, they regard it as all around them and every action is a part of that.

One thing I have observed for a while is that organised religions seem to me methods of control.

They are the complete opposite of spiritualism as the Indian uses it. And this great fear of retribution too, all part of the control process.

I read of the Indian way of consideration in their consumerism, to use what is needed and only that.

Their outlook and way of life makes perfect sense and the way that they lived their lives most sensible when compared to society today, generally.

The pursuit of money and ascribing that value to things is strange.

To have the thing for its own sake is the better way. There are people who know the cost of everthing they have but not the value.

Consumerism on the grand scale is big business, the complete opposite of the Indian way.

Consumerism was a tool of the Cold war, to show Russia that their people could 'have it all' as a political tool.

The world will change markedly in the next 20 years or so. It will be interesting to see the changes that have been made. In time!





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Wakinyan - The Thunderbird Spirit - lives...

The Thunderbird is an important symbol in American Indian heritage, in the Lakota tribe it is known as 'Wakinyan', there is photographic evidence to suggest that this is a reality today - although many of us beleive the story of the great bird, many want to see actual evidence, could this be it?

The Thunderbird symbol on the Medicine wheel background,

both are greatly revered in American Indian historical heritage

There are no shortage of reported sightings of 'birds' that look what we know from fossil data to be Pterodactyls and similar related from the dinosaur age. Many beleive that dinosaur age creatures died out 65 million years ago but we have seen live Ceolocanth fish caught alive off the Egypt coast and I believe in Asian seas, in the Pacific ocean.


Other creatures from the Dinosaur era have survived too, in forms like the Alligator, Big cats, lizards and birds. These were different from the originals of the era of the 'Great Lizards' (the transalation from the latin 'Dino Saurs' being great lizards') such as Diplodocus, T Rex and similar.

There have been artefacts found in South America which depict Triceratops type Dinosaurs being hunted by men with spears. These have to be real artefacts as the two did not co-exist as 'science' tells us, yet 'science' is ilkely at a loss to explain why a prehistoric fish still swims in our oceans today!

A photograph said to be from the 1940s of a Pterodactyl - sightings of which abound across America


Said to be an 1800's photograph

There's even a book about the subject -

the cover image is very much like an American Indian symbol for the Thunderbird

Now that's a big bird!

When you read the stories of the Indian sightings and they talk of the great sound of the flapping wings, if you consider the wing size of one of these birds against an Eagle or Crow, being many times bigger, the sound would be louder.

But, we have a first hand account of a large bird like the above pictures, trying to take a human, in the 80's I beleive there was an incicdent in which a large bird like creature carried off a boy for some yards and dropped him, the incident was witnessed by two similar age boys.


There have been many large prehistoric type bird sightings across North America, in Texas there seems to be a cluster of sightings, suggesting a colony exists. There is no doubt that given the right environment, numbers and lack of predator, these birds could theoretically still exist, the sightings confirm this.

As we have seen from the ancient Indian stories of Giants they encountered, these have been proven to be true as many skeletons of giants have been found.

In context, the existence of physical 'Thunderbird' creatures also is therefore bound to be a reality.





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The Universe isn't random

I took this picture the other week when it snowed where I lived. I had been out for a walk in the fresh new snow and I was taking lots of pictures, I remembered that every snowflake is supposed to be different in look, so there must be billions of variations in the ones in this picture or instance.

So, is the universe random also? I don't think it is, I think it has purpose.

All the things in this picture are for a purpose, they are not random, this whole picture suggests a scene of things built on things and things interconnected to things for some greater purpose.

Here is a star map of the Milky Way which is interesting in that it appears to be a circular mass of objects all rotating in the same way.

Replicated almost in this crop circle from Wiltshire, England

a message from outside our planet?

Which reminds me of...

Something else that is based on circularity... The Medicine wheel

Like our planet and others around us, it goes on a repeating path, our planet goes around in a circular orbit each year, there must be some purpose for this.

If we go back to a star map... We know from our observations that the planets move in orbits, so this does suggest 'order' and 'purpose', otherwise if they had just 'occurred' then by rights if we apply randomness, they should over the last 4.6 billion years have probably destroyed each other by collision.

The fact that this mass of bodies moves around lessens the chance of damage, if they are all moving and one way, they are statistically in so many different places in that circular orbit pattern, that this lessens the possibility of being destroyed, if they just stayed where they are.

The circular path perhaps gives planets gravity, more so if they revolve like Earth does, thus keeping things on the surfaces, a purpose that must exist if life is to exist on them. We know of many planets that have gravity like ours, this cannot be random.

(In one of the stories in this book in chapter 5, an American Indian Doctor encounters an entity that tells him that there are other planets like ours that have humans on. Again, this does point to organisation and not randomness.) 

The fact that planets are still here and relatively undamaged must point to some form of order.

It is the same on this planet, things are interconnected and we observe cause and effect in action, one action causes effect on another. This isn't necessarily random, because random is a unique situation and usually not repeated, whereas organised processes do repeat as they have order.

To be organised means that there is something setting all this to work, many people might think the universe is random but it is not.

Things occur and are connected for a reason. The reason is what the American Indian people call the Great Mystery, it is something that so far is beyond our working out!

Have a great 2018!


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Can we wash away negative energy?

Have many lost the way to commune with the universe's energy?

I read recently that much of our genetic material is unused, so why is it there? Likely because our ancestors from off the planet had it and when they created us, it was in place but unused.

Which may make you ask again, why it is there? Perhaps it is for a perceived future human that may need reconnecting to a higher state, the wiring is all in place and just needs genetic connection.

This book is one of the best I have read on the UFO encounters subject 

The Anunnaki who have connections to the Middle East, were highly advanced humanoids, from which part of our species was created. Some of their capabilities were retained and some were 'not connected' - leaving the door open for the future when we were created for enhancement.

We are still 'connected' in some ways but in others we are disconnected. 

So I was thinking about psychic energy vibes, we impart them to things and I wondered if we do the same with clothes.

Do we just feel better because we have washed our clothes or because we have washed away the vibes that are trapped in the fibres? It is like cleaning up a house and taking away things that you no longer need, it makes you feel better, are the vibes being absorbed or reflected from these objects?

We do impart our energy to things, psychometry is the reading of vibes which some people are gifted at.

Washing away the bad vibes is a good thing. 

So this unconnected wiring we have may be the means by which we achieve advanced communication in a more advanced version of ourselves.

If we only rely on a small amount of network, then maybe that is all we can use with our currently wired brain, had we the capabilities of the Anunnaki in this respect, we would be literally superhuman.

Perhaps this dormant network we have could be used as a massive array of information and awareness network, otherwise why build it in? I know that those who are enlightened in spiritual matters are able to develop this out, perhaps they are anomalies that have extra power by some sort of mutation? 

It is a bit like SETI that looks for signals of other life in space, the problem with that is the means used to send the message may have changed, look how we have moved from analogue to digital communication in the last 20 years, we may be getting messages from other civilisations coming to us but we can't read them or capture them because they are beyond our frequency and our equipment's means of interpreting things.

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Our lives do not stand still!

I was thinking the other day that over the last 20 plus years, I have come to acquire much new knowledge. When I think back thirty years, I know so much more than then, but this new knowledge is more than just acquisition, it is the quality and relevance that I find amazing.

I often used to think about some people I knew of that maybe had a hobby that they did all their lives or worked in job all their lives and it seemed interesting to analyse their outlook. My life has been the opposite, although I have about 4 main hobbies, the rest of my own life has been about change and changing situations.

It all goes back to the question why am I here? Aged 12, I looked at this planet and wondered at it, it seemed like some sort of unfinished project.

At one job interview I had it was observed I had moved jobs a lot, that was partly due to the economic situation, a few years before I had read of the Star Seed phenomena and recognised a lot in that that applied to me.

But I still couldn't work out what I was doing here. 

Most other people I encounter have their lives all sewn up, they have a house, a relationship, career, what is normality, but I observed I seemed to be drifting and could not seem to put roots down anywhere.

But that was the whole point, I wasn't supposed to.

I realised recently what it was all about and that was change, I was the change agent in things, not by choice but by some sort of design that was beyond my control. Looking back now it seems that because we are all unique unlike robots who do not have spontaneity, that certain people could affect situations, either positively or for the worse. 

Nothing ever stands still, everything is in some constant state of change, whether that is decay, accumulation, growth, decline, it goes round in a circular path, just as the Red people have observed.

Looking back over the last 20 plus years, the things I now look at are all connected, they are all pertaining to our future and the big disclosure that will surely come soon. It seems to me that things lead on to other things and my varied existence has been to learn and observe and then to help others with this combined knowledge. 

I had no real idea of what I wanted to do as a job after leaving school, particularly after one of my options did not materialise, so I was always seeking the purpose of what to do. Writing has been one thing I developed over the years and with my new knowledge gathered in the last quarter century, things are falling into place.

Perhaps my true purpose of education and helping others is being achieved through this jumbled life I seem to have led!

One path I was on was in research on a book project about the history of humans and robots, this led to seeing some work on Lakota wisdom and knowledge, it was from that interest I looked deeper into the Lakota culture and the pieces are falling into place. 

However, I do encounter many people who lead very boring lives, they have no real interests and even though they may have a university education, they don't really know anything or seem to be able to grasp even simple concepts it seems, so would I swap with them? 

No. My slightly jumbled up life is far more interesting and in the next 20 years I know I have a lot of work to do which I hope will provide enlightenment for many.

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Meeting a Wolf spirit

I came across the Lakota man that wrote this the other week

I found the person who wrote this quote on a Friends of the Lakota facebook page last week and I mentioned my Wolf sighting, he told me what he thought it meant.

A Wolf sighting in the country,not uncommon you might say, except where I encountered my Wolf, they had been hunted to extinction some three hundred plus years ago. So, was I mistaken? Was it a Dog? Was the fact I was six years old come into it? I don't believe so, in fact I can still see what I saw then. And the man in the space suit at the same location about a month later. Clear as then.

I have seen many Indian writings that say we have lived many lives, having had my own 'out of body' experience, I can believe that there is no death, only a change of worlds. But back to my story.

So this is what I saw side on - it shouldn't have been there -

I know what I saw and it was no dog

My story of my encounter begins in 1972, I was aged 6 and I was out for a walk with my grandparents in some woodlands in a place called Wisley in Surrey, England, not the Surrey near the Lakota lands in Dakota. Mind you, perhaps it was an accident I was sent to the wrong Surrey? but I digress.

The roads then weren't so busy and the M25 Motorway wasn't there then!

On the map above we had travelled down Wisley Lane and had parked up at the edge of the common and went for a walk in the woods. I had been to this location a few times before and a number of times later but only on two occasions did I have interesting encounters at this place.

This is similar to the scene at Wisley Woods where I saw the Wolf

I used to like to explore, but not far from my grandparents and suddenly in front of me, walking straight across in front of me was a Grey Wolf. At this time, I was not fond of dogs, having been frightened by one when I was about 3.

But the strange thing was that I just stood and watched the Wolf walk on across my path, I realised it seemed strange that it had not noticed me, but at the same time I did not feel scared of it, even with my fear of dogs then.

The Lakota man who I told the story of this vision said it was likely a Wolf spirit, I wondered some years later whether it had been some sort of a timeshift and the Wolf and I had crossed paths as dimensions crossed. Knowing now that I have psychic gifts, I think the Wolf spirit explanation is likely true.

The Wolf was what I would call a normal size and perhaps young or female. That's the first one.

I told my grandparents what I had seen and they said I was mistaken, there were no Wolves, but it must have been a dog. But they didn't seem to remember that I had a fear if dogs then and let it go. But I know that was no dog.

Old picture of an Indian and his Wolf friend. A great picture.

My second sighting at this location is a bit more other worldly, you might think I was making an association with my sighting, when you see the next picture, but I know what I saw.

My jacket patch from when I was about 5 years old -

I grew up in the 'Space race' decades of the 60's and 70's

So, about a month later in the same area of woods, I had my what I call 'Spaceman' encounter.

Silver Birch trees grow around this part of the woods

Again, I had gone off to explore and in the picture above, the first tree prominent in the left of the picture with the hanging foliage on the right of it is just like the tree where the 'Spaceman' went.

I only saw this momentarily, but what I saw was like the Astronaut in the patch above, from the back, in plain sight, then walk through the hanging Silver Birch foliage and was gone from sight.

So what did I see? Well a biped, like us I guess, but wearing the ribbed like suit as in my patch, but I can remember the fabric of the suit was like a rusty canvas material, I didn't see a helmet I recall as the figure walked straight through the foliage and was gone from sight.

I never mentioned this sighting to my grandparents, as my Wolf sighting had been dismissed as wrong. I didn't feel any fear and I certainly can recall this sight now, the fleeting brown suited shape going through the foliage. It wasn't a human I am sure of that.

Maybe that is why I have frequent contact with Star People who turn up around where I live now with their silver craft.

My next encounter with star people was 26 years later, when I saw a group of three glowing human like figures about eight to ten feet tall standing beside an electricity pylon and then disappeared from view into thin air.

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Buzzard saved

A young Buzzard stuck in the workshop, had to open the big doors so it could fly out,

Stuck behind glass!

It got out and sat on the hedge, waited for me and then flew away, a good result.

What was really weird was that a Raven like bird was flying over the field where this took place but it made a really loud wing noise, I've never heard anything like that before and it looked bigger than any Raven I'd seen in flight. Maybe it was something from the animal spirit realm? Got me thinking of the Thunderbird legend.

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Take one Eagle feather

I created this artwork called Grandfather Sky using an Eagle feather, a sky picture from last September and 4 famous Chiefs, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph and American Horse. I've had the idea for a while, it was just getting round to doing it!  

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Transition and awakening

Change is coming to many people - it has been slowly working for a few years

I follow a couple of really good horoscope tellers on youtube and one thing they both refer to is about meeting people we may have known in previous lives.

I have noticed a strange phenomena, one thing is that I do have some psychic ability, I do happen to predict things, as thoughts come to me, usually a few days later something happens. I also know even before a person speaks if I will like them or not.

One strange aspect I encounter is I come across what I call 'signature' people. These are people who are almost carbon copies (not in looks but in composition) of people I have known before, some good some not. I almost know who the toxic people are very quickly as a result.

This going away slightly from what I set out to say, but I thought you might find it interesting.

However, the subject of this article has been touched on by both tellers, that of a transition.

I noticed that in the last three years or so my whole life has changed, not only in my outlook but the psychic side has grown, I recall seeing a bit of wisdom that there was no death, just a change of worlds and that got me interested in what happens when our spirit leaves our body.

One facet of a thing called Project Avatar is that in the end we may all live as ethereal beings completely and not have a physical body, but in the mk 3 or so we could be a spirit contained in an animatronic humanoid body. So we could in theory exist physically as long as we have the moving parts replaced. This came out of a book I was researching to write on future humans and robotics.

This transition is not just happening to me it seems, but a concerted pattern across the planet is going on, it is predicted a big change will occur, perhaps those who live outside our planet will return to this one?

Common sense seems to be telling us we are running out of planet yet we are not modifying our behaviour and re-evaluating what we are doing, we are looking at places like Mars to colonise, yet funnily enough, I read that the Hopi people were approached in 1976 when the proposed Viking satellite was scheduled to gather data on Mars, they had information clay tablets, likely given by the Anunnaki, perhaps a sort of selection process is happening and those 'in tune' with things are being silently called?

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Hand destiny

The 'M' symbol- do you have it?

I came across this interesting picture on a Facebook post on one of the American Indian groups I belong to.

It stated that the 'M' shape derived from lines on the hand denoted you were American Indian, I wonder if anyone has come across this before?

It mostly occurs on the right hand only it said, but it can also on the left hand too.

On some cats an 'M' symbol is visible over the top of the nose.

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The Cleoptra mystery

Cleopatra Powhatan - related to Pocahontas, so how did she get her name?

Recently I found this amazing picture which described the subject as Cleopatra Powhatan, in my recent research on Atlantis, I was intrigued by the connections to ancient Sumer which have shown that in theory this should not be true.

Ancient Egyptian Cleopatra statue

In this ancient Egyptian Cleopatra piece, note that the headdress is comprised of a feather design, and also the striking features have some similarity to Cleopatra Powhatan.

An early Pharaoh travelled to Ireland and died there, which is why his sarcophagus at Abydos in Egypt remains empty, so one could then go on and presume that further travel was possible and going back to Atlantis, that Southern America was indeed possible.

Cleopatra Powhatan lived in the 1600's it is said, which got me to wonder how this photograph was possible, unless the dates were incorrectly quoted.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

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So what is the future?

So the question is what next?

This is the situation that likely faces the American Indian peoples as much as those outside of that group. 

It is a question of how they see their place in the world, either on the reservations or outside of those places.

Their biggest strength I would say to ensure their future success is their culture and heritage.

The options they face in a changed world are how they will exist in that new world. It is a question of living with modern things like technology but not forgetting their culture.

The world in general is a troubled place and it is now ready for some positive leadership that is not afraid to point out the failings it finds itself facing.

As a species, we need a new way forward, the time for consumerism is overdue for review, we only have one planet and we are living beyond the means of it. They say that 'money talks' but it seems that only consumers listen. When money talks, principles seem to go out of the window. Along with commonsense.

The only people with the answers are the American Indian people, they lived the better life way back centuries ago. There is an old saying about cutting your cloth, we are now in danger of having too ambitious plans of our metaphorical clothing demands and as a result not having enough cloth to meet that design.

I have pointed out to some people the premise, that did they know of a culture that had no crime, no taxes, no money, where the people were safe whatever their age, no violence, no addiction ....? the list goes on.

(When I say those tenets existed, people are amazed. More so when I tell them who the people who enjoyed this life were.)

It is all their current people aspire to and fail to achieve, inspite of their material wealth and consumer habits.

The future is that there is only one future. We have no real option but to do something about our current consumption or we face the obvious consequences.   

The situation demands leadership from those with the obvious skills - the American Indian people.

We have had enough notifications from the American Indian people that things must change, change must now occur. 


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Bi-location - has it happened to you?

Mel Riley - Medicine man and former Remote viewer

So, what is Bi-location?

Many people have had this experience, it is literally where realities come together that should not in 'scientific' terms. It happened to Mel Riley, who I came to know of through a television program on the remote viewing program that the CIA operated.

Mel Riley lived in a rural area of Wisconsin and had frequent contact with a local Winnebago tribe, where he learned a lot about their culture first hand from their people. In his earlier days he had been aware of 'Star visitors' it almost seems to fit the pattern that he would then go on to show he had psychic abilities, which he did by some margin!

When Mel was young he envisioned an encampment of American Indians, in their own time. There are many stories of people that come across historic things, one very interesting story I came across was a pilot in Scotland in the 1930's who became lost and flew over an airfield, the aeroplanes looked to him 'old' about WW1 vintage and bi-planes, he came down low and went off again.

Some years later, the pilot came across a log in the squadron history of that base in which it was recorded that the people on the ground on a date that fitted had seen a 'futuristic aeroplane' and the description was his, about 20 years out of place. His aeroplane.

Mel Riley has learned that remote viewing is not a new skill but that the American Indian people used it before, for situations such as getting inside the head of an animal and painting the picture you want it to see. I believe that there were chiefs such as Tecumseh, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse to name but three, who possessed the facility of 'future sight' and of 'remote sight' of places and things - they predicted things like cars, railways, aeroplanes and WW2 which were certainly beyond information that was known at the time. Their genetic make-up and culture is likely the reason why this pervaded in their race.

I think that this goes along the theory that those peoples having retained a connection to nature, the energies are not disrupted or corrupted by living in modern, concrete environments where the natural frequencies can't permeate from the ground or perhaps are disrupted by the invisible radio waves permeating cities carrying the internet and phone signals around the people (and likely through them).

I think that is why cities are places that attract bad situations because the natural radiation of nature from the soil can't get through the solid layer of concrete or road material and is diluted further with 'data noise'. It is damaged and leads to people being damaged.

I was reading some of the Lakota stories that had been written down, many of them spoke of encounters with shapeshifting entities that were one moment animal and in another could assume human form. There are many things that science cannot explain and these 'crossing over' situations and remote viewing seem to be up there in that league.

If you have ever had an out of body experience, you will know that your consciousness allows you to see and hear even though you are not in your Earth body. I think that is why Chief Seattle said 'there is no death, only a change of worlds.' What I think that means is that your sprit entity can leave your body and see and hear all and is not destroyed by mortal death, it just moves on elsewhere.

The Hopi said they came to this planet in an ethereal form I believe, that is also said to be an option that some other races from outside here can choose to exist as. There is a thing called Project Avatar that in its Stage 5 would mean the existence of the self in this ethereal form. That is full of possibilities.


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The Red man before Atlantis?

In my last article, I looked at the Atlantis question in relation to the Red People, I was having problems with getting the images on with that article, so I have some here to share that show connections.

The above picture is of two stone relief carvings called 'stellae' which have been found in two very distant locations, but are about identical. They are of an Anunnaki god, note the Eagle feathers on the headdress, the Hopi mention 'Enki the Eagle' Enki being an Anunnaki deity.

The above stellae are from Ecuador in South America where Enki from Atlantis ( and from Sumer previously) ventured too and took the Red people from Atlantis with him. 

 Above is a Mayan temple carving of an ancient astronaut, these are common in a place and time that they were made when evidence of technology as we know it today was not known, surely?

This above Mayan image shows a 'Stone Temple Pilot' of Ancient Astronaut illustration surely? He is working a 'modern' type of computer with powerlead and keyboard / console and looking at a Monitor screen. How can 'science' explain this?

Another South American artefact is this stone carving depicting Dinosaurs as we know them from artist's impressions based on reconstructed skeletons, yet some of these carvings show humans 'hunting' some of these creatures, there are examples of human and dinosaur as we know them footprints side by side.

If we go back to the early Sumerian / Atlantis era, we find recorded evidence on Clay tablets of early humans created by the Anunnaki from their own genetic material and the terraformed humanoid base Homo Erectus,

'The first successfully test-tube-conceived and surrogate-carried Nibiran/Erectus Earthling'- quoted

Adamu the first Human created was quoted as - 'Adamu learned to speak. His skin was “smooth, dark red,” his hair, black.' Also I have found information that the Anunnaki when they created their planned species built in to the program that they would remove the gene for facial hair growth, now is that not a key factor?

We can go right back to early quoted origins - 'Adapa, born around 200,000 BCE, Enki’s son with an Earthling woman descended from Adamu.' If we recall, this can claim descendency from the Pleiades as many tribes do because Enki's mother was said to have origins in that star area. 

Here we see a Hopi petroglyph which seems to show a star map and representations of taller creatures than we are and with different shapes, these could be like the ones on this stone from Illinois:-

The 'Ant friends' stone - Anu-nakki' means Ant friends in the Hopi language -  many Hopi words and phrases are common and close or similar to the ancient Sumerian language, now we can prove the link because we can see the Clay tablet information and statuary from both Sumer and Ecuador coinciding.

A Hopi open air Petroglyph, note the Kachina Sun God face engraved here.

The Kachina Blue Star Sun deity still used on Hopi jewellery and artefacts.

This fantastic sterling silver cuff celebrating the Feathered God - perhaps a representation of 'Enki the Eagle' God who carried the Hopi to where they reside now? (From Atlantis)

Blue Star Kachina with winged feather costume - the symbology to the Hopi past is obvious to those who know the cultural significance.

A partial remainder of a Clay tablet describing the Anunnaki goddess Innana who was in Sumeria - so how this got to Oklahoma otherwise would be a mystery and defy logical explanation, unless you factor in someone brought it from Sumer or Atlantis with them.

The fact that many tribes have knowledge given to them on Clay tablets is no coincidence, when you factor in the Sumer angle there can be little dispute that they are part of the story. The tribes relied on passing on history by word of mouth, historians tend to like physical evidence and in the clay tablets, that word of mouth history is parallel and fits.

The symbol of the feather is important today as it ever was

This Eagle that came to Standing Rock is a symbol and something more than just 'nature' - a messenger. Have you ever tried to touch a wild Eagle? This one allowed those to touch it, surely this shows this was a modern miracle if you like, equal to anything from the days of 2000 years ago.

The four colours of the medicine wheel also signify the four colours of the people. Whatever we do here, we do to each other, ultimately. No one wins unless everyone wins.

I hope you have found these connections of interest!  

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Atlantis the island of the Red people

Atlantis – the Red Island and the Red People

We've heard of the legendary island of Atlantis, a legend disputed by many but believed by some – yet evidence exists to prove it was there.We have to go back to the Plato the ancient Greek philosopher, who wrote about Atlantis, this information he used came from ancient Sumerian Clay tablets, those of you who read my recent article will know that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce carried one of these Clay tablets in his medicine bag.

There have been other Sumerian Clay tablets unearthed in America – the question is how did they get there? The answer is intriguing and linked to the American Indian people, some of whom did come from Atlantis - its a rather intricate story, but perhaps here for the first time, we can show the connection.

This also explains why the American Indian people have enhanced spiritual and psychic abilities. And why extra terrestrial life is 'denied' yet it is the very reason we are here and why NASA sought information from the Hopi people before it set the Voyager satellite to survey Mars in 1976. The reason is that Mars was once colonised before its civilisation was destroyed by war.

The evidence for Atlantis is scant, but some is there geologically, yet even here, some experts refuse to believe it. Let us go back to Plato the Greek Philosopher of ancient Greece, who wrote a work called 'Timaeus,' which described Atlantis effectively.In his sister work 'Critias,' he mentions a valuable ore second only to Gold in value, named 'Orichalcum' which was mined on Atlantis. In 2015, ingots of this metal were found in an ancient shipwreck off Sicily. So that's one possible physical link, the other is people.

We have to go back millions of years to start with human history. The question has to be why are we different from everything else on the planet? If we are supposed to have come out of the trees 8 million years ago and started walking upright as some believe, then why have Primates we are supposed to have evolved from, not continued their similar progress to be like us? Is there a missing link species between us and Primates? No, there never was. We are not the first like us to be here.

'Scientists' persist with the 'Out of Africa' theory, when evidence clearly shows alternatives.

The stark truth is that we are an 'intervention species.' So, what about the biblical story of creation? Well, that is true in fact but the real story has been lost in translation, we have to refer to the Sumerian sources. The American Indian people knew this creation story to be true, it may have come from the same source - the Anunnaki, who created life in Sumer, which is now Iraq thousands of years ago.

The definable recorded source of human creation was that humans came 'from the Clay' essentially from the Earth. This is a literal explanation, it meant 'from the planet,' not from Clay itself. Although the American Indians believe that four attempts to fashion a human were made in which four colours came about, white, red, yellow and black, coincidentally the same colours of the medicine wheel. They could have been told from the 'literal' Clay for simplicity. It could be a matter of translation. The Anunnaki are the link. Who were they?

Our human race is not the first human incarnation on this planet. We are the third. Did we evolve from primates? Our closest Earth link is the Chimpanzee but at only 92% genetically similar, this is way off beam, why? Humans & Chimpanzees can't interbreed. The Chimpanzee anthropology is all wrong compared to Humans, we can't have evolved from them because the nuts and bolts of it are that the Chimpanzee is engineered differently, not for walking upright as we do permanently, for a start. However, there are other closer primates.

A now extinct primate called Homo Erectus seems to have come from nowhere, walked upright and was believed to be an ancestor of ours yet no 'missing link' exists. What of Neanderthal man? An experiment that did not survive. They were likely created by Terraformers who millions of years earlier looked to create a species on Earth in their own image, using genetic parts from existing creatures to build a hybrid that could survive on the planet.

So let us look at the tribes and their origins and their link to the Anunnaki. To start with, the Anunnaki are from off this planet, their home planet is said to be Nibiru, we can find much evidence in the clay tablets found in Iraq which was known as Sumer a long time ago.These tablets and pictorial representations, show ancient visitations and the establishment of perhaps the first advanced society with laws, commerce, manufacturing and agriculture, first recorded at least 11000bc.The Anunnaki came to Earth to look for Gold. You would think an advanced race would bring a robot fleet of workers with them to extract materials on a 24/7/52 basis - continually, yet they brought with them people from their situation – essentially human looking creatures to do the work.Nibiru was an oddity, it orbited the Sun in a 3600 year orbit, yet did so against the orbit of the other planets we are surrounded by. As such, it collided with Tiamat and broke away what became our planet, hence they knew that Gold existed on their planet and when it ran out, they knew to look elsewhere. Here.

Nibiru was disruptive and its close proximity orbit to Earth on occasions, led to the shift of the magnetic poles and the end of the Dinosaurs.The mission to Earth to mine the Gold was led by Enlil and Enki. Enki was a scientist and geneticist. After some time, the workers tired of their labour and revolted, leaving Enki to create a race of workers.

Enki's mother was from the Pleiades a star constellation - the name Pleiades is also recorded as Paal- Ea -Daus – 'The place of our Lord Father, the Creator' 'Daus, close to Deus, the word for God. See how close this is sounding to the biblical texts, which were drawn from the Sumerian Clay tablets. It is near the Taurus constellation the Lakota people are known as 'Tatanka Oyate' the Buffalo people, the Bull and the Buffalo are not dissimilar. Another point is how did the Lakota people arrive at a horological system of 12 creatures like the Zodiac we use? They did not use time as we do.

Let us look at the tribes, The Mayan & Hunbatz spoke of the 7 Pleidean brothers who would return, the Hopi consider themselves direct Pleidean descendants, as do the Cherokee and Lakota, the Navajo call the Pleiades the Sparkling suns, the Iroquois an offshoot of the Cherokee pray to the Pleiades for happiness. So how does this connect to Atlantis?Through Sumeria.Enki's situation was to have to help create a new species which became us, using the basic Homo Erectus primate – 'from the Earth' to help. This served a purpose in that it was acclimatised to the planet, the Anunnaki were to an extent, but not completely.

To this end they planted a resource of plants which were effectively food supplements to allow them not to age or deteriorate as we do. This was at Edin, or Eden as it is referred to now. A water supply there also existed, this resource was solely the preserve of the Anunnaki and was out of bounds to the people they created, indeed, the garden was monitored by a robotic sentry with 'a flaming sword' a laser weapon, the story is illustrated on a cylinder seal and recorded on Clay tablets in the story of the 'Ordeal of Gilgamesh,' where Gilgamesh, a half human, half Anunnaki (demi-God) sought immortality and tried to get into the Garden of Edin to eat the special fruits and drink the water. Where Adam and Eve were supposedly banished from.

Enki's first creation was a male called Adamu – this meant literally 'from the Clay' which should have been taken 'from the Earth - the planet.' The result of a genetic modification of a Homo Erectus genetic base material and Annunaki genetic material. This continued until seven pairs of males and females were constructed. Then the breeding started.The American Indian peoples call themselves the descendants of Enki Enki is regarded as the benefactor of mankind by the Hopi, they have a legend of Enki the Eagle, so how did this coincidence happen? It wasn't a coincidence, like the Clay tablets, it has a logical path. They also had Clay tablets – it is no coincidence it shows a factual connection.

Enki in Sumeria was aware that the great flood on Earth would happen, so he did not want to sacrifice his creation of us to the deluge. It was through this that he prepared for migration. He did indeed create life and preserved it. This 'day of judgement was true, it related to the Anunnaki who were forbidden from breeding with Earth residents.

Yet this continued and as such when the impending flood was discussed by the Anunnaki, Anu, their leader declared that the Anunnaki should abandon Earth and leave the created to their fate, Enki argued against this and helped with the saving and restructuring afterwards, he ushered the people to higher ground, onto mountains where they survived the deluge. He helped them re-seed afterwards and gave them the gift of weaving cloth which was also known about in Egypt where his son took the technology. This is why people are at a loss on how the technology evolved, it was taken there.

Some on Nibiru thought that Enki's creation could be sacrificed, yet Enki argued for our salvation, it made sense, it ensured that should disaster fall on Nibiru, that there would be descendants left rather on another planet than the whole people be lost.

Enki had a son Thoth, he later went to Egypt, he is an important figure in this story, he established the Pharaoic system and started the Pyramid building. So, what of Atlantis?

This island off the Mediterranean coast below England was Turtle shaped, perhaps where the American Indian Turtle Island comes from? The island was co-habited by the Red people and the Ari-ans. The Red people observed the 'Law of One' as do the American Indian people, the Ari-ans known as the Aryans, embraced technology, which they ended up abusing the free energy derived from crystals, the Pyramids also used crystal technology too, this led to the destruction of Atlantis.

As such, Atlantis, already damaged by volcanic activity, was split into three by the Ari-ans over use of the crystal power source. The split was gradual and Thoth knew that the island would disappear below the sea, so he organised the migration of the Red people. Now, remember that Thoth, son of Enki had been at Sumer and they had Clay tablets?

When Thoth organised the migration, he took the Red people to South America to Yucatan from where they started a move north. In Peru, there is the Pokotia monolith that shows that Sumerians visited that area thousands of years ago, Pokotia dates from 400BC. Thoth was one of the 'Tall Whites' a group that would advise many of the tribes. So how is this possible if they only had primitive boats and no maps? They had more advanced technology than science allows us to believe.

Thoth told the tribes he took to the new land keep on the move, ten tribes in all, if we take the seven main Indian tribes that likely leaves the Innuit type of people as an extra and others in the Canadian region to make up the number.

Lets look at the Sumerian connection evidence. In 1963, a clay tablet dug up in a garden in Georgia was found to be related to the Sumerian goddess Inana. William Niven, an explorer, found in Mexico a set of clay tablets which told the story of the island of Mu, which was around in the time of Atlantis.

The Hotevilla people from the Hopi tribe in Arizona have sacred stone (Clay) tablets which has knowledge recorded on. Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce owned a Clay tablet from Sumeria that was from 2042 BC. His medicine bag also displayed the 8 rayed Nibirian symbol. So, now we are seeing how this improbable Clay tablet connection has been proved. It was there from the start.

We can go back to our Enki the Eagle story. Thoth did refer to himself as Enki, even though he was the son of the original Enki. When Enki and his sister created the Earth human in Sumer, they used the genetic material of the Homo Erectus primate and blended it with their own. They did this because the Homo Erectus was primitive and did not have the language potential, intelligence potential or potential for guidance or learning that we do now.

They essentially created a 'pick and mix' creature engineering in what they needed, this may sound impossible, but they came here from off the planet, they were more advanced than we were up until this last century.

Let us consider if an aeroplane landed in a primitive human world, the primitives would have no idea likely on how to operate it. Yet, if an advanced craft came from another world and landed here, we would be more likely to have the ability to fly it and we have done so.Go back to the story of creation and the statement that humans were 'made in the image of the Creator' then if Enki was that creator, we are that image, albeit in one that ages and does not have the superior intellect of Enki.

Consider that the Aboriginal Australians might consider themselves the only people of their kind, they had not seen ships, aircraft, other people, other colours of people, technology. In this context us humans might say we are the only ones here and travel from outside and off the planet is not possible. They received off planet visitors which they recorded on Petroglyphs as did the Hopi.

Some on on this island Earth think that, they cannot grasp that others may come here from the stars, it is the reason we are here, we did not evolve, we are an intervention species, check out your third chromosomal pair, it is fused, no other creature has that and it can't happen in nature, it was done externally through modification.

I have gone a bit off track here, but let us go back to the American Indian. Once in America, there came a situation where they were offered two choices – to side with the people of the sky or another species of reptillian creatures of the Earth. These were not human.

The Hopi in that area chose the people of the feather – here we get the Enki the Eagle story, this further proves the connection even if it it may seem unbelievable. The Hopi say they travelled to Earth on the back of Enki the Eagle, perhaps they were flown from Atlantis to America, if the Anunnaki could come to Earth, it is possible. The Hopi came from the Blue star and migrated across the water – an alludation to exodus from Atlantis and why they revere the Blue Kachina. Nibiru is sometimes refereed to as the Blue Star.

The feather features heavily in Sumerian stellae reliefs, Egyptian pyramid paintings and statuary and of course with the Red people. Let us look at the Cherokee people, known as the Mound builders, these mounds also feature in Britain. The early religion in Britain was Paganism, a similar Law of One type religion, heavily following nature.

Stonehenge was built by the Atlanteans – it was no accident, it was placed there for a reason, it was a sort of stone computer – wooden poles were placed in dug out holes in the stones to throw light shadows so that the dates for planting crops for example could be observed. The Atlanteans also gave the Mayans their calendar. Stonehenge is in alignment with the Pyramids and on a place of great free energy, Giza was the Pyramid that was at the centre of the old Earth before the pole shift.

Why do the American Indian people tend to be psychically gifted? This was inherited and their closeness to nature, the earth and the Law of one which is a universal law. They are also frequently visited by those from off the planet.

The Hopi maintain contact with a race of Grey extra terrestrials likely from the Pleiades as they co-exist with tall white 'Nordic' type humans. Many of the Chiefs are revered as Prophets, Tecumseh, Crazy Horse who foretold of Automobiles, WW2 and aeroplanes, Black Elk who foresaw 7 generations would pass before the Lakota people become great again.

A book called Star Ancestors is a fascinating read, it along with Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke shows how the Red people have maintained the link.

What of Crop circles? These show up in Europe mainly, they are said to be ancient symbology some from Atlantis, many are hundreds of feet across and would be impossible to create at night so accurately. Why would a Hopi / Mayan symbol suddenly turn up in a Farmer's field over night some 300 plus feet across?

We find many of the Indian people telling us about the law of one and their way of life, it is the way forward. So why is it resisted, why is the gift of free energy scorned by those in authority? Simply that it would destroy the commercial world. It would render much of commerce and the consumer society redundant. We are running out of planet, this the Red people know as do some of us, yet we are daily foisted with advertisements for things we don't really need.

I hope this hasn't been to long a piece, it is a simplified version of years of research!

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Atlantis article

I've managed to collate the Atlantis information at last into one block, so I'll have to get the information into order, it is really interesting that so much has cross checked. Will be back soon!

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