Wakinyan - The Thunderbird Spirit - lives...

The Thunderbird is an important symbol in American Indian heritage, in the Lakota tribe it is known as 'Wakinyan', there is photographic evidence to suggest that this is a reality today - although many of us beleive the story of the great bird, many want to see actual evidence, could this be it?

The Thunderbird symbol on the Medicine wheel background,

both are greatly revered in American Indian historical heritage

There are no shortage of reported sightings of 'birds' that look what we know from fossil data to be Pterodactyls and similar related from the dinosaur age. Many beleive that dinosaur age creatures died out 65 million years ago but we have seen live Ceolocanth fish caught alive off the Egypt coast and I believe in Asian seas, in the Pacific ocean.


Other creatures from the Dinosaur era have survived too, in forms like the Alligator, Big cats, lizards and birds. These were different from the originals of the era of the 'Great Lizards' (the transalation from the latin 'Dino Saurs' being great lizards') such as Diplodocus, T Rex and similar.

There have been artefacts found in South America which depict Triceratops type Dinosaurs being hunted by men with spears. These have to be real artefacts as the two did not co-exist as 'science' tells us, yet 'science' is ilkely at a loss to explain why a prehistoric fish still swims in our oceans today!

A photograph said to be from the 1940s of a Pterodactyl - sightings of which abound across America


Said to be an 1800's photograph

There's even a book about the subject -

the cover image is very much like an American Indian symbol for the Thunderbird

Now that's a big bird!

When you read the stories of the Indian sightings and they talk of the great sound of the flapping wings, if you consider the wing size of one of these birds against an Eagle or Crow, being many times bigger, the sound would be louder.

But, we have a first hand account of a large bird like the above pictures, trying to take a human, in the 80's I beleive there was an incicdent in which a large bird like creature carried off a boy for some yards and dropped him, the incident was witnessed by two similar age boys.


There have been many large prehistoric type bird sightings across North America, in Texas there seems to be a cluster of sightings, suggesting a colony exists. There is no doubt that given the right environment, numbers and lack of predator, these birds could theoretically still exist, the sightings confirm this.

As we have seen from the ancient Indian stories of Giants they encountered, these have been proven to be true as many skeletons of giants have been found.

In context, the existence of physical 'Thunderbird' creatures also is therefore bound to be a reality.





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