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  • Wisdom and wise words Wisdom and wise words

    6 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 19, 2023

    Education and knowledge are great gifts -  the wise words of the American Indian people are not as well known outside their culture as they should be, because we could learn much from them.

    This is a group to share the wisdom and…

  • Reservation progress forwards Reservation progress forwards

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 5, 2023

    A resource to help provide ideas to responsibly build commerce and rebuild native pride through their heritage.

    Many outside the reservations have knowledge that can be passed on for free to help benefit those inside who must have their…

  • Writers Writers

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: May 7, 2023

    For our poets, writers, bloggers and anyone else who is interested!

  • Sky stones and Silver jewels Sky stones and Silver jewels

    3 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 17, 2023

    A group to celebrate the superb craft skills of the American Indian people and a chance to see some of the great works of art created by these highly gifted people.

    A number of the artists already have a strong following and the pieces…

  • Silent Running part 2! Silent Running part 2!

    1 Member

    Latest Activity: on Sunday

    Stop clear cutting now and save the forest! This room also deals with all things Indigenous/Native American! Please join my group if you feel the same way as me! However if you chose to visit and not join your welcome to do that as well.Have fun…

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