The Universe isn't random

I took this picture the other week when it snowed where I lived. I had been out for a walk in the fresh new snow and I was taking lots of pictures, I remembered that every snowflake is supposed to be different in look, so there must be billions of variations in the ones in this picture or instance.

So, is the universe random also? I don't think it is, I think it has purpose.

All the things in this picture are for a purpose, they are not random, this whole picture suggests a scene of things built on things and things interconnected to things for some greater purpose.

Here is a star map of the Milky Way which is interesting in that it appears to be a circular mass of objects all rotating in the same way.

Replicated almost in this crop circle from Wiltshire, England

a message from outside our planet?

Which reminds me of...

Something else that is based on circularity... The Medicine wheel

Like our planet and others around us, it goes on a repeating path, our planet goes around in a circular orbit each year, there must be some purpose for this.

If we go back to a star map... We know from our observations that the planets move in orbits, so this does suggest 'order' and 'purpose', otherwise if they had just 'occurred' then by rights if we apply randomness, they should over the last 4.6 billion years have probably destroyed each other by collision.

The fact that this mass of bodies moves around lessens the chance of damage, if they are all moving and one way, they are statistically in so many different places in that circular orbit pattern, that this lessens the possibility of being destroyed, if they just stayed where they are.

The circular path perhaps gives planets gravity, more so if they revolve like Earth does, thus keeping things on the surfaces, a purpose that must exist if life is to exist on them. We know of many planets that have gravity like ours, this cannot be random.

(In one of the stories in this book in chapter 5, an American Indian Doctor encounters an entity that tells him that there are other planets like ours that have humans on. Again, this does point to organisation and not randomness.) 

The fact that planets are still here and relatively undamaged must point to some form of order.

It is the same on this planet, things are interconnected and we observe cause and effect in action, one action causes effect on another. This isn't necessarily random, because random is a unique situation and usually not repeated, whereas organised processes do repeat as they have order.

To be organised means that there is something setting all this to work, many people might think the universe is random but it is not.

Things occur and are connected for a reason. The reason is what the American Indian people call the Great Mystery, it is something that so far is beyond our working out!

Have a great 2018!


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