Bi-location - has it happened to you?

Mel Riley - Medicine man and former Remote viewer

So, what is Bi-location?

Many people have had this experience, it is literally where realities come together that should not in 'scientific' terms. It happened to Mel Riley, who I came to know of through a television program on the remote viewing program that the CIA operated.

Mel Riley lived in a rural area of Wisconsin and had frequent contact with a local Winnebago tribe, where he learned a lot about their culture first hand from their people. In his earlier days he had been aware of 'Star visitors' it almost seems to fit the pattern that he would then go on to show he had psychic abilities, which he did by some margin!

When Mel was young he envisioned an encampment of American Indians, in their own time. There are many stories of people that come across historic things, one very interesting story I came across was a pilot in Scotland in the 1930's who became lost and flew over an airfield, the aeroplanes looked to him 'old' about WW1 vintage and bi-planes, he came down low and went off again.

Some years later, the pilot came across a log in the squadron history of that base in which it was recorded that the people on the ground on a date that fitted had seen a 'futuristic aeroplane' and the description was his, about 20 years out of place. His aeroplane.

Mel Riley has learned that remote viewing is not a new skill but that the American Indian people used it before, for situations such as getting inside the head of an animal and painting the picture you want it to see. I believe that there were chiefs such as Tecumseh, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse to name but three, who possessed the facility of 'future sight' and of 'remote sight' of places and things - they predicted things like cars, railways, aeroplanes and WW2 which were certainly beyond information that was known at the time. Their genetic make-up and culture is likely the reason why this pervaded in their race.

I think that this goes along the theory that those peoples having retained a connection to nature, the energies are not disrupted or corrupted by living in modern, concrete environments where the natural frequencies can't permeate from the ground or perhaps are disrupted by the invisible radio waves permeating cities carrying the internet and phone signals around the people (and likely through them).

I think that is why cities are places that attract bad situations because the natural radiation of nature from the soil can't get through the solid layer of concrete or road material and is diluted further with 'data noise'. It is damaged and leads to people being damaged.

I was reading some of the Lakota stories that had been written down, many of them spoke of encounters with shapeshifting entities that were one moment animal and in another could assume human form. There are many things that science cannot explain and these 'crossing over' situations and remote viewing seem to be up there in that league.

If you have ever had an out of body experience, you will know that your consciousness allows you to see and hear even though you are not in your Earth body. I think that is why Chief Seattle said 'there is no death, only a change of worlds.' What I think that means is that your sprit entity can leave your body and see and hear all and is not destroyed by mortal death, it just moves on elsewhere.

The Hopi said they came to this planet in an ethereal form I believe, that is also said to be an option that some other races from outside here can choose to exist as. There is a thing called Project Avatar that in its Stage 5 would mean the existence of the self in this ethereal form. That is full of possibilities.


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