I came across a book the other day I had in my bag for work and it was quite interesting to see how the Lakota people look at their spiritualism, they regard it as all around them and every action is a part of that.

One thing I have observed for a while is that organised religions seem to me methods of control.

They are the complete opposite of spiritualism as the Indian uses it. And this great fear of retribution too, all part of the control process.

I read of the Indian way of consideration in their consumerism, to use what is needed and only that.

Their outlook and way of life makes perfect sense and the way that they lived their lives most sensible when compared to society today, generally.

The pursuit of money and ascribing that value to things is strange.

To have the thing for its own sake is the better way. There are people who know the cost of everthing they have but not the value.

Consumerism on the grand scale is big business, the complete opposite of the Indian way.

Consumerism was a tool of the Cold war, to show Russia that their people could 'have it all' as a political tool.

The world will change markedly in the next 20 years or so. It will be interesting to see the changes that have been made. In time!





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