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ROSEBUD,SD — Long before they became a horse-and-buffalo society centuries ago, the Lakota and Dakota people used to rely heavily on another animal for their daily existence.

Sunka (SHOON-kuh), they called them — Lakota for "dog."

"It's common kno

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2316038?profile=original Gen. Leonard Colby and Lost Bird Written by Mindie Burgoyne


Zintkala Nuni – or “Lost Bird” was one of the casualties of the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, but not because she died in the fields with others from her tribe who were mowed down by g

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2315865?profile=original Litefoot (Photo by US Embassy Canada) by KEVIN GOSZTOLA

The United States is a settler colony with few connections to the land both historically and culturally. President Donald Trump is a Frankenstein creation of a settler colonial society. His adm

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Death Valley. The name evokes a bleached and desiccated ox skull on a vast alkali flat, a desert night snake hiding in the cool shade of its cranial vault. The name whispers of parched Gold Rushers killing their pack animals for food, of ferocious

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2315930?profile=originalThe Emancipation Proclamation was in many ways a tremendous step forward for human rights, but it didn’t bring any new rights to Native Americans.

In fact, Abraham Lincoln is not seen as much of a hero at all among many American Indian tribes and Nat

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"On November 7, 1862, a group of about 1,700 Dakota, primarily women, children and elderly, were force-marched in a four-mile long procession from the Lower Sioux Agency to a concentration camp at Fort Snelling. Two days later, after being tried and

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