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We Were Children is a 2012 Canadian documentary film about the experiences of First Nations children in the Canadian Indian residential school system. Directed by Tim Wolochatiuk and written by Jason Sherman, the film recounts the experiences of two resident school survivors: Lyna Hart, who was sent to the Guy Hill Residential School in Manitoba at age four, and Glen Anaquod, who was sent to the Lebret Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan

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  • So important to keep the memory, build the history and remember what happened!

    Thank you to these people for their testimony. Thank you for this documentary, very instructive but above all sad, screaming with injustice, anger, and hatred.

    Indeed, the desire to alienate the other, to make his culture disappear, is transcribed.

    Rape is also a form of alienating the other, attacking his mind and body.

    I hope that one day the cemeteries will be found to help the families mourn and restore the duty of memory.

    Good evening 🤗

  • Has that site been hacked? Cannot get past adverts! 

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