Skinwalkers 2002

Navajo Tribal Police Officer Jim Chee and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn investigate three unsolved homicides and an attempt on Chee's life that have left the Navajo Tribal Police baffled. Are the murders, some 120 miles apart, somehow connected, or are they random acts of violence? Is a Navajo witch behind it all? Chee and Leaphorn unearth clues that point toward one suspect, in this suspenseful mystery based on Tony Hillerman's novel

Coyote Waits 2003

Its title comes from a Navajo proverb, and COYOTE WAITS carries all the supernatural suspense for which Tony Hillerman's novels are famous. Officer Jim Chee is convinced that a drunken Navajo shaman, Ashie Pinto, killed a fellow officer. Pinto won't deny it, but a kinswoman believes he is innocent, and her persistence drives Chee and Lieutenant Leaphorn deeper into puzzling mystery, with each new death. Who--or what--is behind it all?

A Thief Of Time

Navajo tribal policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are back for a third thrilling MYSTERY! case, based on the bestselling novels of Tony Hillerman. An archaeologist turned pottery poacher thinks she has cracked the secret of the vanished Anasazi culture, when she herself vanishes. As other poachers start dropping dead, Leaphorn and Chee must piece together a case as complicated as the mysteriously decorated pots that seem to motivate the killer. 


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