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  • This belief system could learn a lot from the American Indian people, particularly in respect of allowing family planning, the consequence of which is to burden families with many children which causes poverty and use of our resources that could be avoided. Their efforts to 'civilise' people have caused much suffering and death. An Indian is quoted as saying 'Religion is for those who fear going to Hell, spiritualism is for those who have been there.' Organised religion is the cause of many wars and our current terrorism problems.
    • Agreed. The root of misogyny also. A huge percentage of the world's women are treated appallingly. As for population, best not to get me started! I'll just say that one couple, one child is plenty to keep the species going and could alleviate many problems after just one generation.
    • Yes, in the American Indian culture the women were treated with respect as an important part of the community. A relative of mine was from a staunchly Catholic Italian family, he has renounced that now, which greatly surprised me.
      I agree that the world is overpopulated, nature usually balances things.
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