Dull Knife (Morning Star) of the Northern Cheyenne

Born in 1810, he was known for his courage and resourcefulness from a young age.  As a 9 year old he became separated from his family when a herd of buffalo stampeded towards the river bank where he and his sister were playing; he led her to the safety of a beaver house until the danger had passed.

As a young man he was wounded twice when he rode amongst the enemy to rescue his wounded brother in law.  He acquired the name Dull Knife when he overcame an opponent whose shield was too tough for his knife to pierce.

When he joined Little Wolf to lead a party of Cheyenne back to Montana the message went out that "the panther of the Cheyenne is at large".

He died in 1883 and is buried next to Little Wolf in the Lame Deer cemetery.    

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