On June 26, 1975, Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams of the FBI were on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation driving two separate unmarked cars At 11:50 a.m. they radioed into a local dispatch Within 10 minutes they both would be dead The official version

Some truth At this time it's been over 3 years since since the end of Wounded Knee 1973 During the period from 1973 to 1976, known on Pine Ridge as the “reign of terror,” was marked by deadly ambushes at highway checkpoints and gunfights that on occasion lasted for days  AIM-led traditionalists and a vigilante group of mostly mixed bloods Dickey Wilson & his GOONs/Guardians Of Oglala Nation sanctioned & supported by FBI going all the way to the White House http://www.oocities.org/crazyoglala/1973-76PineRidgeRez.html 

So on this morning these agents were part of an assassination team led by FBI & snipers were placed ahead of agents arrival Jumping Bull Ranch

Part of the story FBI leave out A young Native American named Joseph Killsright “Little Joe” Stuntz, Sr (1951-1975) also lay dead, shot through the head by a sniper bullet. His killing has never been investigated. The more than 30 men, women, and children present on the ranch were then quickly surrounded by over 150 FBI agents, Special Weapons and Tactics (or SWAT) team members, Bureau of Indian Affairs police,as well as by the state and local police and local vigilantes. They barely escaped through a hail of bullets

FBI & crew were there to kill indians PERIOD And sadly the agents were sent into a war zone as bait

All those charged with the agents deaths were aquitted based on self diffence  Leonard Peltier escaped to Canada were he was extradited December 1976 on the basis of a false affidavit 

Leonard would be tried seperate  

And was not allowed to use self defense as his defense 

The Prosecution’s Case

  • There was no witness testimony that Leonard Peltier shot the two FBI agents.
  • There was no witness testimony that placed Leonard Peltier near the scene before the agents’ deaths occurred. Those witnesses placing Peltier, Robideau, and Butler near the scene after the killing were coerced and intimidated by the FBI.
  • There was no forensic evidence as to the exact type of rifle that caused the fatal injuries of the agents. Several different weapons present in the area during the shoot-out— evidence now shows that there were other AR-15 rifles in the area—could have caused the fatal injuries. In addition, the AR-15 rifle claimed to be Leonard Peltier’s weapon was found to be incompatible with the bullet casing allegedly found near Agent Coler’s car (according to the FBI’s documents, by two different agents on two different days). Although other bullets were fired at the crime scene, no other casings or evidence about them were offered by the prosecutor in this case.

In short, there was/is no reasonable evidence that Leonard Peltier committed the crimes for which he was convicted. Instead there is very strong evidence of FBI and prosecutorial misconduct & the files the FBI continue to not turn over https://www.freepeltier.org/fbi_files.htm

And today he is still imprisoned 44 years later 

And so we'll continue to fight for his freedom as long as he's alive He's near 77 & in poor health He's being held Max Facility Coleman,Florida Out in the middle of nowhere 2,000+ miles from home They even deny transfer to facility closer to home of Turtle Mountain,SD Most men his age would have been moved to lower security,better medical facility decades ago but the FBI controls Federal Prisons 

His hope for freedom lies in Biden's hands 

Obama denied his freedom

Biden has been asked but has not answered question will he free Leonard

So keep him in your prayers

We thank all those community members who support him & your support of our efforts to free him



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