Welcome to this group to share information about the influence of beings from outside of our species that have over millennia guided the American Indian people and maintained contact.

We are joining the dots between creation and the 'accepted' views of how humans arrived on this planet.

The American Indians are the vital link through history that still exist and can help fill in the gaps with their on-going contactee experiences.

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  • Hi..I'm going thru an a wonderful experience. I am not psychic, or at least I don't think I am. I've received messages of hope and plans to take us away from the grips of the terrible sickness of mind that is afflicting all of us in one way or another, and is responsible for all human atrocity. I am asking only for the ability to share, and to learn from your stories, and if you know of some people I could meet, along my journey this spring, I would be so grateful. The messages I get come like streams, and I can't quite describe it really. That would take conversation, and emotion to do. Most call me names, and have labelled me insane, but that is just part of the sickness, and I no longer take it personally. I really look forward to reading some of your stuff. Thank you for having me. Chrissy

    I'm a "history turner, and a sweetgrass burner, and a dog soldier!" (Buffy's song), and I kid you not.
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