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Tweets for Leonard Peltier event on Fridays

.@POTUS Time is running out for you to do the right thing and #FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@POTUS Granting clemency to #FreeLeonardPeltier would be an honourable way to end your term of office Tweet this

.@POTUS  If you do not #FreeLeonardPeltier and he ends his days in prison he will be a timeless indictment of American #injustice  Tweet this

. @Potus  Mr Peltier's condition is now life-threatening and he needs better care than a prison hospital can provide.
#FreeLeonardPeltier   Tweet this

.@Potus  A 71 year old man with diabetes and an abdominal aortic aneurism is considered a security risk? Really?
#FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@Potus  Why is an elderly and ill 'medium security' category prisoner still housed in a maximum security facility?
#FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@Potus  40 years in jail for 'aiding and abetting' - no murder conviction!  #Injustice
#FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@Potus  Will President Obama be the man who saw injustice and took action  - or the man who turned a blind eye?
#FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@Potus One day the full truth of FBI machinations will be known. The future will judge those who let injustice prevail.
#FreeLeonardPeltier   Tweet this

.@Potus  President Obama please be the man who has the courage to #FreeLeonardPeltier  Tweet this

.@Potus Please grant executive clemency to #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

.@Potus  Allow Leonard Peltier to go home to his people - it is time #FreeLeonard Peltier  Tweet this

 .@Potus  Leonard Peltier has been detained for over 14 000 days.  Justice demands that you take steps to #FreeLeonardPeltier   Tweet this

#FreeLeonardPeltier  Please sign petition asking for a Congressional investigation into events on Pine Ridge:    Tweet this

Please sign the petition asking for an Executive Review of the case of Leonard Peltier:    #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

Please sign the petition demanding release of case documents under the Freedom of Information Act:   #FreeLeonardPeltier   Tweet this  

Please tweet @Potus and @BarackObama demanding action to #FreeLeonardPeltier !    Tweet this

The FBI Wall of Shame:  The FBI is withholding documents which could #FreeLeonardPeltier !     Tweet this

The world’s longest-serving political prisoner:    #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

.@BarackObama  Leonard Peltier’s extradition was illegal & based on false affidavits  #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

#FreeLeonardPeltier   The trial of Leonard Peltier was fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities & there was no evidence of his guilt     Tweet this

.@Potus  Amnesty International: Leonard Peltier is a political prisoner who should be unconditionally released. #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

.@Potus Leonard Peltier suffers diabetes, high blood pressure & heart problems with inadequate medical care.  Plz act to #FreeLeonardPeltier    Tweet this

 .@BarackObama  We’ve seen the photo opps in Indian Country, now let’s see some real action to #FreeLeonardPeltier     Tweet this

.@Potus  Please show some compassion for a 71 year old man whose health is failing; act now to #FreeLeonardPeltier      Tweet this

Plz sign petition asking for an award of Executive Clemency to #FreeLeonardPeltier:       Tweet this

.@Potus  Please #FreeLeonardPeltier !         Tweet this



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