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The Warrior Tradition

Special | 56m 10s

The Warrior Tradition, tells the astonishing, heartbreaking, inspiring, and largely-untold story of Native Americans in the United States military. Why would Indian men and women put their lives on the line f


Starring Will Sampson as Sam Watchman an Arizona State Trooper who pursues a gang of paramilitary-type robbers into the mountains. The gang has killed the trooper's uncle and taken a woman hostage, and the trooper must u


During the American Indian Movement, mothers & daughters like Madonna Thunder Hawk & Marcy Gilbert fought for indigenous rights, protecting families and their way of life. WARRIOR WOMEN explores what it means to balance a movement with motherhood as

After his son dies and after half of the Blackfoot nation is wiped out, a Blackfoot Indian chief comes to the white man for some smallpox serum


The world's first Native American zombie film! This comedy/drama follows three Comanche men who discover they are somehow immune to a mysterious plague that is turning everyone else into zombies.
Written and Directed by Rodrick Pocowatchit 

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