The Cleoptra mystery

Cleopatra Powhatan - related to Pocahontas, so how did she get her name?

Recently I found this amazing picture which described the subject as Cleopatra Powhatan, in my recent research on Atlantis, I was intrigued by the connections to ancient Sumer which have shown that in theory this should not be true.

Ancient Egyptian Cleopatra statue

In this ancient Egyptian Cleopatra piece, note that the headdress is comprised of a feather design, and also the striking features have some similarity to Cleopatra Powhatan.

An early Pharaoh travelled to Ireland and died there, which is why his sarcophagus at Abydos in Egypt remains empty, so one could then go on and presume that further travel was possible and going back to Atlantis, that Southern America was indeed possible.

Cleopatra Powhatan lived in the 1600's it is said, which got me to wonder how this photograph was possible, unless the dates were incorrectly quoted.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

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  • I know the Egyptians travelled a lot, some of their own records suggest they did travel to South America although the 'experts' insist that pyramids developed separately there. I have never seen that statue before though and it doesn't look quite right to me - do you have a source for that? I'd be interested to know where it is.

    Interesting  blogs again, thanks Matt!

    • Certainly from the Atlantis research, the Pharaoh stock which is likely Enki's son (Enki the Eagle is part of Hopi heritage) went to South America and built the pyramids there which are also defying logical explanation as to how they were built and the accuracy of fit and astrological alignment. The Inca pyramids are identical to the ones in the Lebanon, given the time they were built, no coincidence!

      I don't know where the statue iscleogold.jpg?width=350

      Here's another version


      Original artwork from the Pyramids

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